About Our Church

We welcome you to visit with us at Sylvan Abbey United Methodist Church. There are many opportunities to get yourself and your family involved.  Be sure to see our Events Page for a complete listing, and we always welcome new ideas! 

About Us

We are a church family who is passionate, sincere and authentic.  We are the church everywhere, and we are the church every day.  We are looking for people of all ages to add to our family.  "Church" is not a place..."Church" is you and it's me.

Sylvan Abbey United Methodist Church is committed to our community in Clearwater, Florida. The United Methodist Church is an 11-million-strong family worldwide focused on founder John Wesley's emphasis on Grace, Christian living, and putting faith and love into action. "The mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."

Our Mission

We are devoted to the teaching of Bible Scripture.  Our model is from the early church shown in Acts, Chapter 2: We are believers in the Holy Trinity, having this in common with one another.  We give of our goods and possessions, as we see need.  We meet and break bread together, in praise and adoration of God, who is our audience. 

History of Sylvan Abbey United Methodist Church

This is a church that has been in the community for over 50 years.  It was originally organized, with the reception of 23 charter members in 1958, meeting in the Fellowship Hall of the Tropical Breeze Trailer Park in Clearwater.  Rev. R.R. Rose was the first Pastor, with worship services held in the new church building on Sunset Point Road beginning in July, 1959.  

Our church family still includes members from more than 35 years ago,and we love to watch it continue to grow!